What online students need to know about Hurricane Florence

A satellite image of Hurricane Florence on Sept. 11 from the National Hurricane Center, a part of NOAA.

A satellite image of Hurricane Florence on Sept. 11 from the National Hurricane Center, a part of NOAA.

Troy University online students in the path of Hurricane Florence have the support of faculty as they face uncertainty in the next few days.

Late yesterday, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Earl Ingram issued guidance to faculty members in working with online students on their course requirements.

“The students’ safety and well-being is Troy University’s principal concern during this storm. Your assistance, as their faculty and as Troy University’s most visible representative, is greatly appreciated. Students in the storm’s path may need to reschedule exams or other assignments,” he said.

Affected students should contact their course instructors and let them know their status should storm preparations or response impact their ability to complete assignments.

Communication is essential with the instructor is essential in working through any class-related issues that arise due to Hurricane Florence, said Dean of Students Herbert Reeves.

“If they have difficulties in completing their work, they need to contact their faculty member and we’re going to work with them,” he said.

The University’s Inclement Weather and Emergency Situation policy states, in part, that faculty and students will not be penalized for absences dictated by perilous conditions.

TROY officials continue to monitor the hurricane, and may make additional decisions known to affected student through the University’s SOS emergency notification system, located at sos.troy.edu or from the “safety alert” button that very top of the troy.edu landing page. Additionally, students, faculty, staff and parents can sign up for emergency notifications from the University by clicking “login” on the sos.troy.edu page.

Already, TROY’s student support centers in Fayetteville, N.C., Sumter, S.C. and Hampton Roads, Va. are closed.