”Backstories: Dope with Lime & Two Egg, Florida” – TPR’s In Focus: Weekend – July 15, 2023

In this episode of “In Focus: Weekend,” we hear the backstories behind the titles of a podcast and a small town in Florida.

Matthew Teutsch, Director of the Lillian E. Smith Center, talks with Carolyn Hutcheson, about the early civil rights activist and writer Lillian Smith. The podcast, “Dope with Lime,” named for the sweetness of Coca-Cola cut with lime juice, highlights her legacy. Smith’s family opened the first private camp for girls in Georgia in 1920, and today the property is a retreat center for writers, artists and scholars.

And in the second half of the show we hear from historian Dale Cox about Two Egg, Florida, and how it got its unique name. The Florida Panhandle town’s colorful history is featured in Cox’s classic book, “Two Egg, Florida.” This program is part of the In Focus book series, The Storyline.