”The AL Troubador’s is Global & A Library for the Blind” – TPR’s In Focus: Weekend – Sep. 2, 2023

On this episode of In Focus Weekend, we take a trip to a library for the blind and check in with, The Alabama Troubadour.

Karren Pell, author and singer-songwriter, talks with Carolyn Hutcheson, In Focus host, about her career, writing music for her book, “Alabama Troubadour,” featuring songs for communities across Alabama, and the play, “Fair and Tender Ladies.” She will appear September 28 at the New South
Bookstore in Montgomery with musician Nils Maaetoft.

And we visit the Alabama Public Library Service Regional Library for the Blind & Physically Disabled on Monticello Drive in Montgomery. Tim Emmons, Senior Librarian and Reader Advisor, and Karl Wade, longtime patron and Consumer Advisory Committee member, talk with Carolyn Hutcheson, In Focus host, about the library’s services to 8000 statewide patrons.


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