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Heritage Exhibition brings art of TROY faculty to the public

February 8, 2017

Troy University has a long, rich art tradition, and the Janice Hawkins Cultural Art Park is bringing that tradition to the forefront.

The Huo Bao Zhu Gallery, located inside the International Arts Center, will house a revolving gallery of art and visiting exhibits, but the first such exhibit focuses on the art of TROY faculty…

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Artist Stephen Hayes discusses inspiration for “Cash Crop”

February 3, 2017
By Matt Clower

Artist Stephen Hayes sought to capture the horror of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade with the exhibit “Cash Crop,” currently on display at Troy University’s Rosa Parks Museum.

Seeing the image of the Brooks slave ship plans moved Hayes to create the installation, which consists of 15 life-size sculptures, each one chained and bound, bearing outlines…

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Local artist brings mosaics to Dothan Campus walking trail

January 18, 2017
By Greg Phillips

Those enjoying the walking trail at Troy University’s Dothan Campus will notice some beautiful additions to several of the picnic tables.

Headland-based artist Frederic Lecut, originally from France, recently turned the stone tables into mosaics made of smaller mosaics created by his students throughout the area.

The mosaics were sponsored by the Troy University Dothan…

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