Hands-on Drone Class

The sky is the limit for some Troy University students as they are learning to become licensed drone pilots through a class that is giving them hands-on experience in unmanned aerial systems.

The class spent an afternoon flying drones on the football practice fields in attempt to gain practical experience piloting before they take their test for a pilot’s license at the end of the course.

Prior to this semester the class was virtual so the real world piloting gives a new element to their aviation education.

Taking this course would be a fantastic sort of foot in the door to go towards doing drone operations and that sort of thing,” says Student Pilot Joel Norton.

The instructor of the class says being a licensed drone pilot could open new doors for graduates in the working world.

“Drones are going to be with us and just they’re going to increase their emphasis on our society for the future, a lot of great jobs there,” says Instructor Col. Al Allenback. “I tell people I’m trying to create C.D.O.’s, Chief Drone Officers, because companies are going to be looking for people who have that experience and know how to do that.”

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