City of Troy looks to establish an entertainment district

The city of Troy is looking to make some changes for downtown. The city council is looking to establish an entertainment district for the area around the square.

An ordinance to establish an entertainment district in downtown Troy was proposed at the July 13th city council meeting.

An entertainment district would allow patrons to exit a restaurant with their alcoholic beverage as long as they stay within the district.

The entertainment district has been an idea that’s been floating around the city for quite some time,” says City Council President Marcus Paramore. “We think this is an opportunity for more economic development and more ways for those local businesses to flourish.”

The entertainment district will not be open at all times. It will only be open during certain entertainment events.

“Those businesses downtown, mainly the restaurants, will be able to serve their food and and beverages where you can go in and out like when we have the downtown band parties on the square and when we have Troyfest,” says Paramore.

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