Environmentally friendly to-go option being offered by Troy Dining.

As Troy University students return to normal operations on campus there is one feature from the past two COVID-affected semesters that will be sticking around, to-go dining will still be an option at the Trojan Dining Hall but now they’ve gone green.

“We are really excited to be implementing O2GO,” says Trojan Dining Marketing Coordinator Victoria Cirilli. “O2GO is from a company called OZZI. OZZI promotes and produces reusable to-go containers that dining services can purchase.”

The dining hall decided to work with OZZI’s O2GO program to reduce waste from the previous to-go option. All the while still giving students the option to enjoy their meal from wherever they would like.

Students pay a one-time fee of five dollars to continue using the to-go box for the rest of the school year.

“In this way we are saving a lot of styrofoam,” says Cirilli. “A lot of non-reusable resources that are polluting our environment so this program basically is the best of both worlds.”

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