‘Girls Talk’ brings together ladies of AKA and SGRho

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Monday night, the ladies of TROY’s Alpha Kappa Alpha and the ladies at Sigma Gamma Rho collaborated to host an all-female girls talk.

“They said they wanted to collaborate together,” said Alpha Kappa Alpha member Gabrielle Moore. “We started texting and then I reached out to Taj because we’re both in leadership positions. We met in Patterson a couple of days ago, actually, to get the event together and then we talked about everything for like 30 minutes and then put it all together.”

According to Vice President Taj Brundidge, Girls Talk is an event meant to bring ladies together and promote camaraderie.

“Just have a sacred place for them to talk about how they feel about certain situations,” Brundidge explained. “I think it was a good event to, one, partner with and, two, just get some females on campus just to talk about stuff that we go through.”

The two organizations prioritize creating a safe space for women to speak without being judged.

“I think it was a safe space for them to let out how they feel,” Brundidge said. “Talk about some stuff that they probably can’t talk about or they might not have many friends to talk about it. I think we created a real safe place for them to be able to talk about how they feel.”

Girls Talk also tackled tough topics such as unhealthy friendships.

“I think with friendships just because we talked about that more than anything else,” Moore told TrojanVision. “Just defining clingy friends and setting boundaries is important, just as important friendships as it is in relationships.”