Biden attends Bloody Sunday memorial in Selma

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Over the weekend, President Joe Biden attended the 58th Bloody Sunday commemoration in Selma.

The annual event remembers a day that lives in infamy. Attendees walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge to reflect on the past struggles of African Americans and their fight for the right to vote.

“It declares we’re all created and deserved or treated equally,” Biden said. “Two weeks later they marched to Montgomery with Dr. King and an even bigger coalition of people from different races and faiths. Five months later, the Voting Rights Act was signed into law.”

The pain and suffering that people crossing the bridge went through was another focal point in Biden’s speech.

“Walking, not saying a word, beaten, tear gassed on this bridge,” Biden said. “Blood was given to help redeem the soul of America.”

Biden also commented on how the right to vote, he says, is currently being attacked.

“With it anything’s possible. Without it, without that right, nothing is possible. This fundamental right remains under assault.”

Biden has come to Bloody Sunday commemorations in the past, however, this was his first Bloody Sunday event as the President of the United States.