Match Made in TROY: Couples share love stories centered around Troy University

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — At the beginning of February, TrojanVision set out on a mission find love stories that first sparked on TROY’s campus.

Over the next few weeks, four couples sat down with TV Production Coordinator Paige Ray to share their stories. The four couples included:

  • TV Manager Aaron Taylor and Hall School of Journalism and Communication Director Robbyn Taylor
  • Broadcast and Digital Network Director Buddy Johnson and English Professor Dr. Theresa Johnson
  • Senior History Lecturer Joe McCall and Director of Chinese Operations Silvia Li
  • Senior Vice Chancellor for Advancement Gen. Richard Boutwell and Leslie Boutwell

Each couple’s interview can be found below. The interviews are also broadcast periodically on TROY TrojanVision’s broadcast channel.

Aaron and Robbyn Taylor

Buddy and Theresa Johnson

Joe McCall and Silvia Li

Gen. Richard and Leslie Boutwell

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