Students prepare for first job interview during Interview Workshop

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Some TROY students may be more prepared for their next job interview, courtesy of the Sorrell College of Business’ interviewing workshop.

During the workshop students interacted with professionals to learn about interviewing skills as well as tips and tricks for a successful interview.

“Today is about how to interview how to prepare for an interview,” said Assistant Professor of Accounting Dena Mitchell. “How to impress an employer when you’re meeting them for the first time, things to do way before your interview.”

One of the first pieces of advice, according to professionals, is to do your research before your interview.

“You’ve looked at their website,” Mitchell explained. “Never go to an interview without looking at a company’s website. Don’t ask them questions where the answer is on the website because then they’re going to know you didn’t do your homework.”

What if you’re worried about making the wrong first impression on your potential employer?

“You are worried about making a good impression and them liking you back,” explained student Valentina Palomino. “It’s like one of the main fears.”

For students concerned by the idea that first impressions are “everything,” Mitchell says remember it’s important to balance being professional with a simply enjoying the conversation.

“Interviewing is really just a big conversation. If the first one doesn’t go well, just have another one. It’s OK. Every time you do it, it’ll get better.”

One student told TrojanVision she learned several new interviewing techniques that can be used in the future.

“Practice interviewing, networking with my peers, and getting feedback from the interviewers,” said student Autumn Parrish.

With practice, Mitchell says students can be fully prepared for all that important conversation.