Students and staff debut music skills during ISCO Karaoke Night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Thursday, TROY’s International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO) held a karaoke night for international and domestic students to sing and socialize.

“It’s mostly about community,” said ISCO Executive Member Haley Morgan. “We’d like to get more international and domestic students together. This is the start of that with our new board. It was just a community thing where we could all hang out together and have a good time before we get into the business next meeting.”

Students took to the stage to sing their favorite karaoke songs.

“I sang four songs but the first one was kind of like a fun,” Morgan said. “It’s fantastic and there are actually some really good singers in here.”

The event served as a way for ISCO to show off its fun side.

“I think that people should realize how cool and fun we are,” Morgan told TrojanVision. “We have a good time even if we are doing business everyone’s so nice and so approachable. It’s so easy to talk to everyone.”

ISCO has several more social events planned for the near future.

“We have a tailgate to be determined,” Morgan said.

You can follow ISCO’s Instagram for that announcement.