TROY students and staff share big Spring Break plans

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Students have been working hard to get their last ducks in a row in preparation for Spring Break but with the week coming to an end, there’s one question left to ask: where do Troy University students go for Spring Break?

Some students have plans far from home.

“Me and my best friend are leaving to go to Panama City Beach,” said sophomore Lucy Parker. “We’re going to be on a boat for a few days because that’s where she works. It’s going to be really fun. Then we’re going to stay at another friend’s beach house because we’re going to be there for Walk Hard.”

“I’m just going to go to the beach with my brothers,” said freshman Peyton Moore.

Other students plans are simply to go home.

“I’m from Jacksonville, Florida and I’ll just be at my house,” said freshman Kenly Krey. “Just hanging out by the pool, going jet skiing and probably going to the beach.”

“I just plan on going home back to Jacksonville, Florida, and hopefully going to watch spring training and going to the beach a few times,” said sophomore Mason Richards.

A handful of students plan on working for their break and adding some fun when they can.

“If I can get a day off go to the beach,” said freshman Korrie Nell. “Do something with my friends.”

“I am going to UGA over Spring Break to do outreach,” said freshman Amarian Steele.

Students aren’t the only ones with big plans for Spring Break. Some faculty members also have exciting plans.

“I’m going to start my Spring Break by riding the brand new Tron roller coaster at Disney,” said TrojanVision TV Manager Aaron Taylor. “We get a chance to preview it the first weekend of Spring Break. Me and the whole family are going down to Disney and riding the brand newest roller coaster the Tron Light Cycle ride. Then I come back here and work for the rest of the week.”

“While the kids are out having fun, I still am going to be here doing some work,” said TrojanVision Executive Producer Jeff Herring. “Upgrading some of the the hardware and software behind us to make TrojanVision the best that it can be.”

No matter where Spring Break plans take the Trojans, they have to remember to be back next Monday.