Family Feud brings sororities and fraternities together

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Family Feud hit the stage in Crosby theater Wednesday night as part of Greek Week.

“It was different sororities and fraternities partnered together to compete in the big games that we’re playing,” said UAC Secretary/Treasurer Derrick Nobles.

Family Feud night was just one of many events scheduled during Greek Week. The game aimed to encourage fraternities and sororities to team up and compete in community service and fun teambuilding activities.

“Greek Week is a big event,” said Greek Week organizer Kaylyn Hornsby. “We plan various events throughout the week so that the different organizations are paired together.”

The UAC also plans to have more fun activities for students to take part in.

“Tomorrow we will have two events going on from three to four,” Hornsby told TrojanVision. “Cornhole will be going on at the same time as giant water pong and then at six o’clock we have the tailgate and right after that the stroll follows.”

With just only six weeks left in the spring semester, UAC members hope all students find the time to sit back and relax away from the stresses of class.