Students travel to Costa Rica during Spring Break

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — This past Spring Break, several troy students traveled to Costa Rica with the global scholars program.

Troy University offers many opportunities for students to study abroad, including a $1,250 grant for students to take part in study abroad trips.

“The primary goal of this trip was to see how far we could go, what we could do staying close to the budget of one thousand two hundred fifty dollars that the university gives for the travel award,” said Dr. Jay Valentine.

This study abroad trip was different than many others, as students were responsible for planning many of their own activities, including transportation and who they would be going with.

“We wanted it to be the case that students could break into groups and go and so different things, so we scheduled it so that there were at least eight blocks of open space,” Valentine said. “During the travel study class the students planned the majority of those.”

Troy University students had the opportunity to experience lots of culture and biodiversity.

“The first day we went to Manuel Antonio and a waterfall, and that was just amazing to see all of the nature and all the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer,” said student Libby Thornton.

For many students, this was an opportunity for them to experience new perspectives and a different way of living.

“I feel like its just been good to experience a different culture and how other people live their lives,” said student Jasmeen Hoque. “I know when I’m not traveling I get so used to American culture and just forget that other people live differently.”

The global scholars program intends to offer affordable study abroad trips for students annually.