Troy Public Radio debuts student-created podcast ‘Mad Melodies’

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy Public Radio has debuted a new podcast created by two Troy University Students.

On March 20, 2023, “Mad Melodies” debuted. Creator Marissa Lacy said the podcast gives students a different kind of listen than they might be expecting from Troy Public Radio.

“It’s kind of become this platform where our students can promote their music and we can play it live and give it all these different platforms to kind of like hype them up,” said creator Marissa Lacey. “We also discussed music music culture, music history and kind of just put in like all these different types of music creating diversity. Troy University is a diverse school so why not show people music that they’ve probably never even heard of?”

Although Lacey is very passionate about this project, she realized there was more work than one could handle. That led to the podcast getting another host.

“It was just me at the beginning and it was really hard to do everything by myself,” Lacey explained. “Jaelanne was just so sweet that she was dedicating some of her hours here to just help me out and eventually I was like, ‘you know what? Let me just make you like the co-host. Let’s do this together’ because we have some great conversations about music.”

Jaelanne Thomas is one of the many co-hosts of Mad Melodies. She says she is very grateful for the opportunity the podcast has given her.

“I’m very grateful because I’ve never thought I would be able to get to do something that I truly love, which is listen to music and basically find different music I have been doing since I was a kid,”

With Lacey and Thomas being seniors, both of them hope the Mad Melodies podcast continues to grow when they’re gone.

“I hope everybody else be able to find new music through Mad Melodies like I have,” Thomas told TrojanVision.

“It just makes me really happy. I feel like it’s going to be in good hands when I’m gone,” said Lacey.

Mad Melodies is available on, NPR One, and wherever you get your podcasts.