TROY faculty and students discuss Big Bang Theory, stargaze at TAS meeting

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — For those who enjoy watching the night sky, Troy University is home to the Troy Astronomical Society (TAS).

Last Friday, the club presented a lecture about the Big Bang Theory.

“The TAS is a club that is a public astronomy club it’s not just for Troy University and so we have people that are coming from all over the place surrounding Troy,” said Club President Justin Robinson. “It’s just a place where people can hear what has been recently going on in space and it’s also an opportunity for people to hopefully learn about some cool topics.”

New members are always welcome and meetings are open to the general public.

“I joined the Troy Astronomical Society because I was a physics major and I’m really interested in astronomy,” said member Mystic Wilkes.

The club aims to show the importance of understanding our universe.

“I’m a physicist, I’m an astrophysicist, I’m the chair of the physics and chemistry department and also the director of the School of Science and Technology this is what I do,” said faculty member Govind Menon. “Astronomy and astrophysics is very important, very near and dear to me.”

The club will continue to meet to discuss space news and give attendees the opportunity to stargaze.

“We meet usually the last Friday of either every month or every two months in the evening,” Robinson explained. “By the time we’re done with all of our space talk, we can go out to the quad when it’s dark and get to observing.”