TROY to offer music industry programs in Fall 2023

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — During a Nashville performance, TROY’s POPulus leaders announced a new major that will soon be offered at Troy University.

“We were so fortunate here at Troy University to have introduced now two new degree programs that are focused in the music industry,” said Music Industry Programs Coordinator Robert W. Smith. “We have just started two new degree programs in the Sorrell College of Business. We have the very first masters of Business Administration with a focus in music industry. We now have an undergraduate degree in business focused in music industry.”

These programs aim to teach students about the business side of music industry.

“It is half music industry and music business, and half true business courses focused in the fundamentals of business at the master’s level,” Smith explained. “It creates a very unique opportunity for musicians and those interested in music and entertainment to come and get an MBA, the highly-coveted MBA, in the only program that is an accredited School of Business program.”

Music students will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience for their future careers.

“We have students working in all the major music centers,” Smith told TrojanVision. “Some of them are musicians. They’re writing songs and their songs are being recorded. They’re performing on major stages. There are students that are working on the business side. They’re working in marketing and public relations, they’re working for instrument manufacturers. We have film composers that are actually writing and music for film and television.”

According to Smith, music industry is the fastest growing area of music education at TROY.

“You’re studying with professionals who don’t just talk about this, we do it,” Smith said. “We work at it every single day and what you’ll learn in one year at Troy University is going to take you four to five years on the street. As a result, your four-year degree is going to be a 20-year headstart in your career.”

The new programs are expected to begin in Fall 2023.