ISCO holds campuswide scavenger hunt

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University is known as “Alabama’s international university,” but how does TROY incorporate international students into campus life? One organization that aims to help in this endeavor is the International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO), which held a scavenger hunt last Thursday.

“The purpose of this event is not only to bring together domestic and international students to have a fun time, but its also to get people acquainted with what’s on campus and the resources that are on campus,” said ISCO President Brianna Moore.

Questions for this event lead students to different locations on campus, while introducing them to fun facts and information they may not know.

However, there was more that students hoped to gain from this experience than just the opportunity to participate in a fun activity. So, what exactly did students hope to gain more knowledge about?

“Probably places on campus that I haven’t been to before and maybe just learn about new cultures while I’m here,” said student Haidyn Foley.

For domestic students who have grown up in Alabama, ISCO presents an opportunity to expand their worldview and be introduced to other cultures, traditions, and experiences.

“Most people that I’ve talked to are from Alabama, and maybe they don’t know about multiple cultures, so it’s just cool to learn from other people, learn how they live and just to make new friends,” Foley explained.

ISCO’s next event will be a ballroom dancing event in Hal Hall on April 18.