TROY women recognize Black Women’s History Month

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — In honor of April being Black Women’s History Month, TROY TrojanVision highlights some of its black women and their skills and achievements.

A woman of many duties on and off campus, Catelyn Blackmon has learned a lot during her time at Troy.

“I was a part of SGA and then I became part of the Miss Elite Society and then I became a Trojan Ambassador and then I became the president of NABJ,” Blackmon said. “Then I became a part of the University Activities Council and then I became part of the Small Business Development Center.”

As many of us may know, things don’t always go as planned but there’s always a plan for you.

“Troy University was not my first pick but God knew that it’s where I needed to be,” Blackmon told TrojanVision. “I don’t know where I would have been but I don’t feel like I would have been far in life as I am now because of the opportunities that Troy has given me.”

Blackmon is not only a student at Troy University. She’s also a business owner who strives to make your dreams a reality.

“Dreams actually stands for something,” Blackmon explained. “It stands for designing realities, elevating achievements and marketing success.”

Blackmon credits her mother with setting an example for her to follow.

“She is just everything I hope and wish to be as I mature and become the young woman that I am today,” Blackmon said.

Destyni Peoples is an alumna of Troy University. She’s currently working on her master’s degree while also holding a full-time job at Troy University.

“I have to keep up so I have to study,” Peoples said. “There’s no way of getting around it.”

Peoples says she admires her mother’s way of setting the tone of any room she walks into.

“She’s going to let you know that she is going to out lead you,” Peoples said. “Not in a bad way but that’s just her demeanor.”

Both women have plans to continue sharing their stories in hopes of inspiring others.