International students describe their homes during ISCO Country Night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Two international students were able to put their countries on display at the International Student Cultural Organization’s (ISCO) Country Night.

Thursday evening ISCO spotlighted two different countries, Tajikistan and Cambodia.

“Tonight was about for international students who are here for one semester where they get to present their own country and present about a little bit about themselves and their favorite things,” said ISCO President Brianna Moore. “Bringing together international students and domestic students here on campus and just have a really fun time and doing fun games and activities.”

After the two students gave a short presentation on their countries, attendees played traditional games and demonstrated what they learned with a Kahoot! game.

“We just shared our culture and history and then we moved to our traditional games,” explained international student Nafisa Bonu. “Two games that I had was with rocks.”

“The event gave all students the chance to come together and learn about different cultures in a fun way.

“We’re more of like a really fun social club so that kind of was the goal tonight,” Moore told TrojanVision. “Also a goal for those international students who are very proud of their country and want to present to domestic students who may not you know not even know about their country just present to them the great things about their country.”

ISCO hopes these events help students connect and communicate with one another.

“When I just arrived in U.S. I had so many cultural shock,” Bonu said. “I think I made them ready for the culture shock that they’re going to experience visiting Asian countries. Learning different cultures will widen your like sharpen your knowledge about other cultures and you can easily understand them when it comes to communicating with those people.”

ISCO plans to hold a ballroom dancing class on Tuesday, April 18.