Students learn how to cover tragedies in light of Dadeville shooting

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — In light of the Dadeville mass shooting, Troy Public Radio’s Kyle Gassiott talked with students about his handling and coverage of the event.

During his lecture, Gassiott underscored the importance of providing coverage ethically.

“I was asked by Professor Robbyn Taylor to speak to students in the Hall of Journalism and Communications where I also teach as an adjunct faculty member about my experiences reporting in mass casualties,” Gassiott said. “This past weekend I was reporting in Dadeville, Alabama, the mass shooting that happened there. I’ve also reported other incidents such as the tornado in Selma so it’s been a couple of reporting trips where there have been things to think about in terms of being on the scene and experiencing what you have to do as a reporter.”

Although a journalist’s job is to get the news out to the public, Gassiott believes journalists should have a sense of humanity when reporting in the field. He explained how journalists can preserve their mental health at the same time.

“One thing I think that everybody needs to remember is that you don’t want to leave your humanity at the door,” Gassiott explained. “We’re humans telling other human stories so you want to think about that when you’re out there talking about loss of life and those who are affected by that. Also what it means for the community so to be a voice and to be a human telling that, I think, is the most important thing that we can remember as a journalist.”

By sharing his knowledge and skills Gassiott hopes future journalists and communication students can be better prepared to hone their craft and also maintain an ethical and healthy mentality.