86th annual Boys State comes to Troy University

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Just because we’re in the middle of summer doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of students as Troy University holds its 86th annual American Legion Alabama Boys State.

Boys State is a week-long summer camp that is filled with leadership and citizenship lessons. Each summer, two male high school students are selected to represent their school at the camp. During the camp, delegates learn about civic government duties, service, and understanding how government works.

Some delegates consider it an honor to be chosen for Boys State.

“We typically take it as a high honor, almost like our Eagle reps because you’re ambassadors of the school,” said delegate DJ Colby.

In one of the sessions, former Boys State delegate and Trojan football icon Jon Sumrall had the honor of talking to the young men about his life experiences.

“Wanted to give them a glimpse into what I’m a part of now and some things that have helped me along my way to where I am currently in life,” Sumrall said.

Although Boys State started earlier in the week, one student says he has thoroughly enjoyed himself and looks forward to all the activities that are left to come.

“This has been one of the best experiences I have had,” Colby told TrojanVision. “Honestly, you don’t really get these type of experiences all the time being with people who are around your age and in the same group as you. It’s such a growing movement.”

Colby offered some advice for other delegates who are interested in Boys State.

“You have to stand up in your own school and be a leader. Not not outdo everyone but step up.”

According to Alabama Boys State’s website, the first Boys State was held in 1935 in Illinois. Currently, there is a Boys State program in 49 states.