Girls State delegates arrive at TROY for 81st session

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Alabama Girls State has made its way to Troy University for Alabama’s 81st Girls State session.

Girls State is an organization that allows girls to learn more about the building blocks of government and politics during a several day-long camp.

The girls started their week at TROY by moving into their temporary dorms and attending an opening event.

“It was just a surreal feeling,” said Girls State delegate Emma Brunson. “Today’s the day, we’re finally here.”

“It’s overwhelming, but it’s like a good overwhelming,” said fellow Girls State delegate Marli Powell. “You’re excited but you’re sad to leave your family and friends for a week of summer but I’m so excited. I just feel so blessed to have this opportunity.”

During the opening event, the girls heard from multiple Girls State leaders and from the keynote speaker, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s Chief of Staff, and former Girls State member, Liz Fillmore.

“I think it was super encouraging to hear her knowing that we’re in the same position that she was,” Powell explained. “It’s really encouraging to see that the possibilities are endless with Girls State. It really is a way to help you prosper in the long run.”

Although one of Girls State’s main goals is to help delegates learn more about the building blocks of government and politics, some girls hope to gain something bigger from the week.

“I wanted to push myself, I wanted to do something that would force me to step outside my comfort zone,” Brunson explained. “Force me to grow as a person.”

“I hope that we all have a great week and we have fun and make a lot of new memories that really will last us a lifetime,” Powell said.

During their time at Girls State, delegates will participate in several panels, listen to speakers, attend city meetings, and elect city representatives. They will also hold dance and skit nights.