TROY set to welcome largest freshman class in several years

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — It’s an exciting time for Troy University as the college plans to welcome one of its largest freshman classes in recent years.

TROY recruiters say higher enrollment numbers reflect a positive trend for the University.

“The University published an article saying we’re trending up about five percent from last year’s class so definitely moving in the right direction from enrollment trend standpoint,” Gus Mckenzie.

Thanks to the IMPACT orientation program, enrollment has increased seven percent since 2021 and nearly five percent since 2022. This year Troy University expects to see approximately 1,550 new students during IMPACT.”

“The entire University’s general mindset of recruitment first and growing what we have to offer because we know how special TROY is so it’s just all of our jobs here at TROY to get other people to recognize that,” Mckenzie said.

As TROY Works to help the upcoming class learn more about the Trojan lifestyle, it also hopes to create a diverse community.

“We recruit from all across the country and so that naturally will lead to a diverse class,” Mkenzie explained. “TROY is one of the most diverse institutions in the state of Alabama so that in itself attracts a diverse incoming freshman class. What we already have is fantastic and we hope to continue to offer educational opportunities to many who may not think they have it.”

As the University continues to welcome this influx of new students, Mckenzie says faculty and staff members are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to TROY.