Leaders of Vietnamese partner university meet with TROY professors

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The number of Troy University Vietnamese graduates grew by one during summer commencement when the honorary doctor of laws degree was awarded to a guest.

Over the summer, Dr. Nguyen Truc Le, chairman of the Vietnam National University’s of Economics and Business, spent time visiting the United States and his partner universities. During his time at TROY, Le received one of the highest degrees that can be given by the University.

“This has been been an evolving partnership and we’re happy to have him here,” said Dr. Judson Edwards, Dean of the Sorrell College of Business. “Hopefully we will continue to allow that partnership to mature for 20 more years and more.”

Le’s trip to “Alabama’s International University” served as an opportunity to foster relationships between Vietnam and TROY itself.

“To my students the advantage of coming to Troy University in the U.S. is that they can have an international involvement,” said Dr. Khoi Nguygen UEB Professor of Economics. “They can see the international students.”

After the graduation ceremony, Le and his entourage met with professors from the Sorrell College of Business. During that meeting, both parties shared thoughts on entrepreneurship and their respective research.

“We’re talking about helping small business, which is a very huge factor there in Vietnam,” said David Van Buskirk. Director of International Partnerships & Operations. “At the same time, allowing these professors an opportunity to come together and really talk about research and trying to find ways we can partner together.”

TROY leaders say they hope to continue building relationships with Vietnam, not only between professors and instructors but also students.

Troy University collaborates with universities in Vietnam and Malaysia. It offers offering undergraduate programs in communications, computer science, global business, hospitality, sport, tourism management and psychology.