Students make biodegradable bird feeders out of pine cones

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — With the temperatures getting lower and resources getting scarcer, the Environmental Club wanted to give back to the environment by making biodegradable bird feeders.

“It was just a really easy, simple way for members of our club to give back to the ecosystem and the planet,” said President Karle Chamberlain.

The bird feeders were made out of pinecones. Students tied twine to their pinecones, put peanut butter and bird seed on them, then hung them up outside the Arboretum.

“Seeing them all hung up was really meaningful to me because it was like everybody was all together in the same place doing good things for the environment,” said Chamberlain.

The club works very closely with the Arboretum. These bird feeders serve as a sign of their gratitude.

“We thought that this was important because we wanted to give back,” said Chamberlain. “The Arboretum is such a resourceful place for us to push the mission forward.”

The Environmental Club hopes that events like this can show others that anyone can make an impact.

“We really just want educate people and do small things like this that can teach people that it’s really not that hard to just do small things for the environment that really help out and make a big change,” said Chamberlain.

The club is always welcome to new members to spread their mission.

Chamberlain invites anyone who is interested to come to just one meeting.

Chamberlain continued, “We’re very inclusive.”

To keep up with future Environmental Club events, you can follow them on Instagram @troyuenvironmental. The group’s next event will be a campus clean-up.