What to expect under FAFSA’s new application process

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The latest Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) features some changes, regarding tax information and Pell Grant amounts.

“The new FAFSA form for 24-25 is more streamlined, so reduction of questions has been reduced from 108 to 36,” said Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Aid Alicia Bookout. “Also, you’ll be able to import your IRS information directly into the FAFSA, so you won’t have to type it up manually.”

In addition to a reduced number of questions, the new form expands eligibility for federal student aid.

“Remember, though, that everyone would be considered a contributor to your FAFSA form so if your parents are required to some piece of information to your FAFSA they will have to have their own FSA ID,” Bookout explained.

The application now allows students to list more colleges than previous years allowed, and is available in more than two languages. According to Bookout, it is important that students apply as soon as possible, so their eligibility can be determined at a reasonable time.

“Every student should fill out the FAFSA just because you don’t know if your eligible or not or what you may be eligible for,” Bookout told TrojanVision. “It never hurts to fill it out it doesn’t obligate you to anything, and it doesn’t obligate your parents to anything.”

TROY encourages students who are working to complete the FAFSA form to set up an account on studentaid.gov and ask their contributor to also create an account. Applicants will also need their 2022 tax information.

“This is the biggest change we had in quite some time,” Bookout said. ” “We haven’t experienced any issue in the past.”

Bookout also warned students about possible delays.

“This year the Department of Education has had some delays, and we will see some continued delays in releasing the student’s data to the institutions, but all institutions will face these challenges. So, it will a slower process this year and it may be a little delayed, but we will shell all students that we can help.”

For more information about TROY’s Office of Financial Aid, visit its website here.