Nall’s “Alice in Wonderland” exhibit opens in Troy University’s International Arts Center

Visitors have a chance to go down the rabbit hole in a new exhibit of work inspired by the classic tale “Alice in Wonderland.”

The series of pencil drawings were created by the Troy-born artist from 1977 through 1979 and will be on display in the gallery named for Nall in the International Arts Center. 

The exhibit opened to the public on October 8th and the artist says any number of interpretations of his work are possible.

“Whatever you can get out of the show, get it, said Hollis. “If you think it might be edgy, it is. And if you think it is spiritual, it is. And if you think it’s outlandish, it is. And if you think it’s simple, it is.”

For a look at the work watch Seth’s full story.