Troy University’s Student Government Association makes plans for the spring semester

While the threat of the coronavirus still lingers over all activities on campus, Troy University Student Government Association is working on ways to keep students involved and active on campus.

At their first meeting of the spring, the SGA Senate went over a few new ideas to keep TROY students involved in a time when social distancing is important.

One potential way is a pen pal program that will connect students through the old fashioned concept of having a pen pal on campus they can connect with through the written word.

The pen pal program is one of many ideas that the SGA hopes to roll out this spring in order to retain a sense of normalcy during the pandemic.

“It’s a little bit hard in COVID season. We can’t have the same kind of events that we normally do,” says Jayjohn. “So, we’re planning ways to still keep the students involved whether it’s between creating a pen pal system or launching this new app that we have installed on our campus different things like that.”

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