Troy University Natatorium closes and building will be torn down.

A recreation option for nearly half a century is no more, as Troy University’s Natatorium closed for good prior to the start of the spring semester.

The McDowell Lee Natatorium opened in 1976 and offered an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool for both casual and competitive swimming.

The Natatorium closed after the end of the fall semester and there are plans in the near future for the building to be demolished. There are no plans, at this time, for the space that the building currently occupies.

However there is another swimming option available to students at the new fitness center.

“One of the good things about it is that we just opened up a new student rec center that offers an aquatic option over there once the weather gets warm,” says Director of Recreation Dr. Shane Tatum. “Now it is an outdoor pool and that kind of takes away from the indoor pool but it is an aquatic option there and I think with the new rec center that we have open we’ll be able to supplement whatever we’re lacking here over there at the new facility.”

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