Troy University Admissions is looking 2021 IMPACT Leaders.

Troy University admissions is on the search for TROY-Loving students to serve as leaders for this summer’s IMPACT Orientation.

Admissions is looking for about twelve students to lead the annual summer orientation sessions.

Applications are now open for this summer but student will need to attend one of four interest sessions to qualify to apply.

If selected student will spend the summer introducing the Troy University campus to incoming freshman.

Admissions says they are looking for a certain type of student to serve as an IMPACT Leader.

“We really look for a certain mindset whenever it comes to our students,” says Assistant IMPACT Director Birdie Norris. “We think about wanting students who are eager to learn. You learn a lot in this job and you have to be willing to take in that information and then teach that to new incoming students. We want students who are hard workers who take initiative whenever they see problems and then one really big thing that we need out of our students is for them to be adaptable.”

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