Trojan Football wins season opener against Southern.

The Trojan Football team won its season opener against the Southern Jaguars 55-3 Saturday night in Veterans Memorial Stadium.

The Trojans got off to a fast start scoring on the first drive and scoring five touchdowns by halftime.

The defense excelled as well coming up with an interception that was taken back for a touchdown by Zion Williams and kept Southern to just 189 yards total.

“We came out and really took control the game in all three phases,” says head coach Chip Lindsey. “Something we talked about when you play game one, especially in a non-conference situation where you know you need to get to a fast start. I was really pleased how we did that on offense, I think we scored on the first drive and then defense goes out and gets a stop or two right in a row.”

In the second half of the game the running backs ran the show on offense with Kimani Vidal, B.J. Smith and Jamontez Woods each scoring a touchdown in the third and fourth quarter.

“Biggest thing this year we want to be balanced and play winning football,” says quarterback Taylor Powel. “Whether that means I hand it off 40 times or we throw it 40 times. Whatever the defense is going to give us we’re going to take. So having those three running backs and us being able to rely on the run game that takes pressure off of me and then whenever they play the run they’ll put some safeties in the box and then here goes the throwing game.”

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