City of Troy breaks ground on Clyde May Distillery

A groundbreaking moment for the City of Troy as they broke ground on the new Clyde May’s Distillery.

The event held at the location of the upcoming distillery featured speakers from Clyde May’s family and Governor Kay Ivey who says this distillery will be a destination spot for the state of Alabama

“This groundbreaking ceremony for Clyde May’s fine whiskey, it’s now been recognized as the official state spirit of Alabama,” says Ivey. “As many of the Clyde May family here is extra special so it’s a great day for Troy it’s going to be a tourist destination for people to come and tour and maybe have a sip.”

Clyde May’s company was born in Troy, Alabama originally starting as a moonshiner in 1946. The whiskey was named the official state spirit in 2004 after the state legislature voiced that they felt Clyde May embodied a true Alabama citizen.

L.C. May, grandson of Clyde May, says he is honored to bring this company back home to Troy.

“It’s hard for me to put into words how much this means obviously for the city and for the state but for our family,” says May. “You know my grandfather worked so hard his entire life to make something special and he had to do it in a way where he couldn’t brag about it or talk about it as a moonshiner but we are just so honored that we’re able to come home right here in his backyard to build this state-of-the-art distillery. Clyde Mays’ is the official state spirit of Alabama and the distillery is expected to be a tourism destination for the state.”

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