Troy University’s Alpha Tau Omega raises $125K in annual Walk Hard

While a lot of TROY students made a trip to the beach for spring break only a select few can claim to have raised over a hundred thousand dollars on their trip.

Troy University’s Alpha Tau Omega fraternity raised $125,000 for Jeep Sullivan’s Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures through their annual walk hard fundraiser over spring break.

“It’s absolutely incredible to kind of see Jeep’s face that morning when we first told him what that total was,” says Walk Hard 2022 Director Matthew Taylor. “It definitely made me take a step back and realize, ‘wow, like what you’ve done what your chapter is done all the work that you put in is definitely worth it.’ “You can kind of see the excitement in his face knowing what he can do with that money for the veterans that he ministers to so it was definitely a awe-inspiring moment.”

The fraternity raised $90,000 last year and their goal for this year was 60.

Taylor says he did not expect the final total to go as high as it did.

“I definitely did not stepping into this role,” says Taylor “Our director last year did a phenomenal job setting a really high bar with $90,000 last year so it was definitely something that we had in our minds of something that we wanted to shoot for. we just didn’t know how obtainable that goal was of a hundred thousand so the fact that we were able to hit that was absolutely incredible. it really is a credit to the hard work of all these guys in our chapter.”

The brothers walked 128 miles from Troy to Panama City Beach to raise the money, a grueling task that this year was compounded by every type of weather imaginable for the walkers.

“We definitely had four seasons of weather, so not really preparation you can do for that,” says Taylor. “We had sleet and rain, torrential rain. It was absolutely awful on Tuesday. The sleet was on Saturday morning as well as 15 to 20 mile an hour winds on that Saturday as well and then of course the Florida heat’s going to hit at any point so Sunday, Monday we got a good bit of that.”

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