Career vocalist Shaun Murphy shares her experience with Troy University music industry students

Students in TROY’s music industry program are working toward making a living in music. Recently some of those students had the chance to pick the brain of a vocalist with a long career of singing with some big-name acts.

Career vocalist Shaun Murphy visited the Troy University campus to share her experience in the music industry with TROY students.

In her career she has performed with such well-known artists as Bob Seger, Eric Clapton and Phil Collins.

Although she is known for her singing skills, Murphy says her visit to TROY was a first in her career.

“This is my actual first day of doing this,” says Murphy. “I am astounded at how great these these young people are. I never get a chance to be in contact with a lot of young people. So in my line of work it’s sort of a bam bam bam and then you’re gone you go home but it’s just been a fantastic experience.”

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