Troy University professors work to restore Arboretum

Troy University’s Arboretum is a 75-acre tract of land located on the southeast side of campus designed to be a place for students and the community to learn about the natural world. However, over the years the area has fallen into disrepair and group of Troy University professors are working to restore the Arboretum to its former glory.

The arboretum was initially under the control of the Biology department however when the ownership was passed to the physical plant it was not the campus oasis it once was.

“They just kind of let it all go,” says Chair of the Biology Department Dr. Sig Harden. “So we are now in the process of fixing it back up.”

Now that the biology department has regained control they are giving the arboretum the care it needs however there are some obstacles in the way, literally.

“Some of the back fields we can’t even mow right now because it’s full of concrete blocks and it’s full of demolished houses,” says Harden.

According to the Director of the Arboretum Dr. Alvin Diamond, when individuals are not aware of nature and its importance it is taken for granted.

“You never can really appreciate something until you know it’s there,” says Diamond.

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