New Pike County 911 program introduced to better assist callers with medical emergencies

A new program has been implemented that helps Pike County 911 dispatchers better assist callers with medical emergencies.

“The program is called emergency medical dispatch,” says Pike County 911 Executive Director David Morgan. “This particular one was developed by the state 911 board in cooperation with the Alabama Department of Public Health and the program is designed to provide guidance and instructions to callers as well as to speed up the diagnosis process for incoming ambulances.”

Dispatchers will now be able to instruct callers on how to perform CPR and assist with various other medical issues.

“The big ones are bleeding control, choking and CPR, of course,” says Morgan. “But we have everything from industrial accidents, vehicles in water, births, OB-GYN issues.”

Having EMT operators in rural areas like Pike County is just another way for people in distress to have a better chance of surviving.

“Especially CPR or choking calls,” says Morgan. “The patient may be alive when they get there and they can do something. Especially in a rural county like Pike County where it may take longer for the ambulance to get somewhere, those are critical minutes for for life saving.”

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