Historic marker placed at the childhood home of Congressman John Lewis

The state officially recognized the birthplace of one of Pike County’s most famous residents on Saturday morning.

The “Boy from Troy” a title given to none other than the late congressman John Robert Lewis will now have a historical marker at his birthplace in Troy, Alabama.

The marker, which tells Lewis’ life story, was unveiled on Saturday and is one way the John R. Lewis legacy institute is working to continue his legacy.

“I’m sorry it had to be done after my uncle passed,” says Lewis’ Nephew Ron Lewis. “But he gave us a marching orders to carry on after he passed and who else better to do it than his family to carry on his legacy.”

Lewis was a civil rights legend who marched in the march on Washington, the Bloody Sunday march in Selma and got into what he called “good trouble” throughout his life but that life started on his family’s farm in Pike County where he impacted the lives of many local residents like Troy Mayor Jason Reeves.

“The Lewis family has been part of my life all my life,” says Reeves “So just being here today, being able to see this marker unveiled, being part of this celebration, knowing that people from all over the world will be able to come and and see where John Robert Lewis became John Robert Lewis and the fact that that’s in Troy, Alabama brings us so much pride and appreciation.”

Michael Collins, Lewis’ former chief of staff, spoke at the ceremony passing on words from Vice President Kamala Harris. Collins says that after working with Lewis for 21 years that the City of Troy went with Lewis everywhere.

“This is an embodiment of his life and his legacy,” says Collins. “Anywhere he traveled around the world he talked about Troy. He carried the teachings of his mother and father, his faith all around the world and he never missed an opportunity to tell the story.”

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