Troy University Symphony Band presents the works of John Williams

The Troy University Symphony Band presented the works of John Williams, who composed some of cinema’s greatest soundtracks in a Masterworks Concert in the Claudia Crosby Theater.

“This is John Williams’s 90th year and there is nobody more masterful in the field of composition living at this point in the 21st century or the latter half of the 20th century,” says Director of Bands Dr. Mark Walker. “There’s nobody more influential or important in terms of films and things like that than John Williams and the music is timeless and it’s wonderful music filled with beautiful melodies and wonderful orchestration and it really speaks to the performers and the audience alike.”

The scores of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter are all works from John Williams impressive career and hearing these classic movie themes live is something that brings back memories of youthful times.

“I think it brings back some nostalgia to some of their favorite movies that they may have saw when they were a kid,” says Walker. “You know I was a little kid when I saw Star Wars and Indiana Jones myself in the theater with my parents. So when I hear that music that brings back fond memories being a kid and going to see one these wonderful movies.”

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