Blue scantron shortage leaves students, staff searching for solution

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — As midterms approach, some students have struggled to find an important part of the test-taking process: blue scantrons.

According to TROY’s Student Government Association (SGA), TROY recently found itself at the center of a scantron shortage.

“I do not know where they have gone,” Senator at Large Camryn Easterling said. “We did want to at least hand out some green scantrons and Blue Books.”

Normally, students are able to find scantrons inside TROY’s campus bookstore and websites such as Amazon. However, according to campus bookstore manager Jeffrey Langenkamp, Scantron was unable to fill TROY’s blue scantron order.

“I placed an order a couple of months ago for them,” Langenkamp said. “Back in January I placed the order. The issue was Scantron was going through a little bit of changes on their end, which stopped them from being able to fulfill orders.”

The lack of blue scantrons has been a concern among students and faculty alike.

“We want to make sure that students have the materials they need in a timely, efficient manner,” Langenkamp told TrojanVision. “We haven’t been able to do that with the scantrons. A lot of the instructors, professors have come in and asked us about it. It’s been a big problem and it has caused some issues for students and faculty.”

There is good news, however. According to Langenkamp, TROY’s blue scantron was fulfilled, albeit late.

“There should be no further issues. We actually have them here today. We had a little bit of a challenge getting them in, but we have them now and they’re ready for purchase.”

Scantron Form 98255 is available for purchase for $0.28 in the bookstore.