2023 Heart Walk raises awareness of heart diseases, strokes

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Thursday night, Pike County residents filled the Troy Rec Center for this year’s Heart Walk.

This year’s walk was held in honor of Dr. Eugene Omasta, who has been a member of the board for more than 25 years. Each year, Heart Walk aims to raise awareness about heart disease and ways to maintain a healthy heart.

“It’s to bring heart awareness to heart survivors, heart issues, strokes,” explained Pike County Heart Association member Alicia Whittington. “A lot of people are not aware of how many people die a year from heart disease and strokes and things like that. One in every five people that you see is going to die from a heart-related issue.”

Vendors from health organizations were stationed around the gym to educate attendees about different health issues. The American Heart Association, the Alabama Department of Public Health and the non-profit organization Every Thing Counts were only three of the many vendors.

“I am here to support the Heart Walk and to give people education and tell them the benefits of having a healthy heart,” Every Thing Counts representative Malyric Banks said.

The event also included a plaque ceremony for Omasta as well as a presentation of automated external defibrillators (AED) from the Heart Board to Pike County High School and Pike Liberal Arts School. Naturally, the main event of the night took place on the walking track.

According to the Pike County Heart Association, walking as little as only 30 minutes a day can help a lot when it comes to maintaining a healthy heart.

“You would be surprised at how how much it’s going to help your heart and your overall health,” Whittington said.

To learn more about the Pike County Heart Board, visit the organization’s Facebook page.