UAC holds movie night in honor of International Women’s Week

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Wednesday night, the University Activities Council (UAC) held a movie night in Claudia Crosby Theater.

“It’s just a little chill event before we actually go home and go our prospective ways for Spring Break,” explained UAC member Zion Graham-Lee.

In honor of International Women’s Day, the movie “Ocean’s 8,” starring several strong female leads, was shown.

“The intention for this event is just to give students, just to get them out of the room,” Graham-Lee said. “I know we’re all probably still going through testing, exams and midterms. It’s just a reason to give you a reason to put down everything and just take a little breather.”

The UAC has several events planned for the rest of the semester, including a Spring Fling.

“We do have events every single Wednesday,” Graham-Lee told TrojanVision. “You can see all the notifications and all the upcoming events coming up on our Instagram page. There will be a new event every week. As the semester starts to wind down, we’re still planning and working very hard to make our Spring Fling for at the end of this semester even bigger than last semester’s.”

The UAC plans to release more information about this year’s Spring Fling via TROY emails.