‘Art Makers’ exhibit showcases TROY alums’ work

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University is a thriving community for creators to get a head start on their careers, however, not a lot of people may know TROY has an art program.

That’s why two alumni sought to bring awareness to the artists who came through TROY.

“We labeled the show ‘Active Makers’,” said curator Brandon Rice. “We kind of went with the idea of like what does it look like to be an active active artist outside of school and how to like show people that art is actually a viable career to go into?”

Each artist has their own unique style that is reflected through the exhibit.

“We really curated different pieces that best represented the artists,” said curator Paul Wolfe.

Both of the curators included their own art that best reflected what their work is all about. Wolfe focused on self-discovery and acceptance.

“If we really accept ourselves we’re able to move forward and achieve what we want to achieve,” Wolfe explained. “I explore myself through the photography and that inspires me to show what I’ve learned about myself through the ceramics.”

Rice’s work focused on theology. One of his pieces on display is called “Man” and it is inspired by a Bible vers.

“They asked Paul who is the real God and He pointed to a little pedestal that said altar to the unknown God,” Rice said. “Paul said that’s the god. The god who’s unknown. This whole piece is about freeing up your mind and, basically, if you have any conception of what God is to take that out because your conception is wrong no matter what it is.”

The exhibit will be on display in the International Arts Center until April 16.