Clarinet Day brings high school students and Troy alums back to TROY

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Long School of Music held its 16th annual Clarinet Day for high school students to learn from TROY musicians.

Not only do visiting students get to meet more experienced musicians, they also get to play alongside them. The day included master classes, concert practice, and small performances.

“This year it just happens to be my former teachers, one of my former students, and other friends from this clarinet world that I kind of live,” said Clarinet Professor Dr. Tim Phillips.

Some of these familiar faces have origins in TROY and so does the music they play.

“Marissa Stanfill, she went to Troy University,” Phliips explained. “She got her undergraduate degree here in music education and then she got her Master’s Degree at Baylor and now she’s working on her doctoral degree in clarinet performance at Florida State. This piece that she performed is by Troy composer Carl Vollrath. He lives in Troy. He’s been composing in our town since 1964.”

Phillips hopes students take home the expertise they learned from Clarinet Day and will remember the camaraderie they experienced at Troy University.