Butter and Egg Adventures joins TROY’s Welcome Week

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University students zipped into the semester by hosting an event for students at Butter and Egg Adventures.

It was a chance for students to burn off some steam and an opportunity for Butter and Egg to show off its facilities.

“We’re helping kick out the semester at Troy University,” said Course Manager Natalie Carnley. “We’re doing a Welcome Week event where we’re opening a bunch of our venues. We are free for Troy University students and so this is just a way to make sure they come out and see us in the future.”

One student told TrojanVision she spent her time exploring Butter and Egg’s obstacle courses.

“Ax throwing, ziplining, canoeing laser tagging,” said student Keziah West. “Almost everything.”

Troy students can benefit from Butter and Egg not only through its fun activities, but also through its health benefits.

“Our goal is just to make sure students are getting outside, getting maybe out of their comfort zone a little bit and doing something they normally wouldn’t do,” Carnley explained.

West told TrojanVision she hopes TROY hosts similar events.

“When you’re bored this place you can come to.”

Butter and Egg offers free two hour-long teambuilding sessions for Troy University organizations. Visit their website to learn more.