Troy utility crew restores power in Florida following Hurricane Idalia

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Hurricanes can leave behind massive amounts of destruction; Hurricane Idalia was no different.

When utility crews in Florida asked the surrounding states for help, the City of Troy’s Utility Department answered the call.

“The hurricane hit early Wednesday morning so they went to Gainesville, Florida, Tuesday,” said General Manager of Troy Utilities, Brian Chandler. “They rode the storm out at the utility facility in Gainesville and then as soon as it was safe to work they were already there.”

Troy crews worked with other crews from around the country to restore power to three utility areas in Florida.

“They ended up getting crews from Louisiana and Tennessee and even some from the Midwest, Missouri, Ohio, other places,” Chandler explained.

Chandler said the crews were working long hours for almost eleven days. At night, they would sleep in powerless hotels, tents, and even trucks.

“Typically sixteen to eighteen hour days. Living conditions can be anywhere from decent if they’re in a hotel room, to at times in sleeping trailers or very large sleeping tents.”

Chandler says despite the living conditions, the crews were happy to be of service and were glad they could help others while they were there.

“It’s something we’re glad to do and our guys are always glad to get a chance to go help somebody and to go somewhere different. We had never been to any of these utilities before so that’s another good thing. They were glad to go help somebody different.

“You never know when something may happen here in Troy and we’re going to have to call for assistance. That’s kind of our philosophy here: We want to be proactive and if somebody needs help we want to be able to send help.”