Troy University Naturalist Club hosts Alabama Snake Show

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Snakes slithered into the Troy University Arboretum during the Naturalist Club’s Alabama Snake Show.

“We have invited Jimmy Stiles, a renowned herpetologist and environmental educator, with the primary goal of dispelling the fears that often surround venomous snakes,” Naturalist Club Treasurer Rose Horn explained.

According to Horn, there aren’t many opportunities for people to engage with snakes while in a safe environment.

Participants of all ages not only observed and learned about various snake species but also had the opportunity to handle the creatures.

“You actually got to touch snakes, which is something you really don’t do out in the wild, so it just seemed like a really great opportunity that you wouldn’t get anywhere else,” Horn explained.

The Arboretum offered advice guests could use if they ever encountered snakes in the wild. The primary warning is to exercise caution and refrain from approaching snakes. In addition, determining whether a snake is venomous can be crucial. A helpful indicator being the shape of the snake’s head.

“Always keep your eyes open and look towards the ground,” Horn said. “We tell people to never reach out to grab stuff because sometimes you’ll reach out and grab a snake without realizing it.”

Although snakes may evoke fear, most snakes are scared of you. Experts say it is essential to respect snakes’ natural habitat and allow them to contribute to the ecosystem undisturbed.