Students hear from graphic novelist Santiago Garcia

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Wednesday night, students had the opportunity to hear from graphic novelist Santiago Garcia about his new adaptation of the epic poem Beowulf.

The room was packed with students eager to hear from Garcia.

“We expected to have around 100 people and we ended up having north of 100 people, which was really nice,” said Sigma Tau Delta president Jason Frye. “It was really good to see a lot of the students get more engaged in an event that’s based around literature.”

Beowulf is a tale that is almost as old as time itself, so how can you tell it in a format that will appeal to modern day readers? 

That’s just what Garcia did. He adapted the story into a graphic novel- in both English and Spanish.

“I think that the visual medium of graphic novels is much more engaging for people,” said Troy student AnnaBrooke Rainey.

After a panel of experts asked Garcia their questions, students had the opportunity to add some of their own.

One student says he admires Garcia’s ability to turn an ancient story into a modern format.

“He had some really good points about how he made the book and how he transitioned it from the block of text to the graphic novel,” said Troy student Andrew Reynolds.

Students also got their hands on free copies of the adapted graphic novel.