TROY faculty member releases new song

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Troy University lecturer of Music Brenda Hamilton released a new music single called “More than Magic.”

Since its release, the single has made it on Spotify’s New Female Pop Artists 2023.

“Streaming is going well across all platforms and various media outlets have reached out,” Hamilton tells Trojanvision.

According to Hamilton, the song is about having a crush on someone that you hope isn’t playing tricks on you.

“The whole song tells a story of I’ve been played before, I’ve been tricked before by other guys’ illusions, but with you it’s different,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton doesn’t take all the credit for the new song. Her co-writer, Brandon Barnes, is a three-time Grammy nominated songwriter. Hamilton says their partnership is one of the reasons she is able to produce music quickly.

“We’ve grown closer, and I think we’ve gotten even faster,” Hamilton said. “Sometimes, he’ll send me the melody built in and other times, it’ll just be a really open instrumental track, and I’ll write something and then it turns into something.”

Hamilton told TrojanVision that as she achieves her dreams, her students realize they can do the same.

“I think this is great modeling for the students where they have their mentor or professor who’s teaching them how to do the thing, but their professor is actually doing the thing,” Hamilton said. “I want to instill that love in the students because I can see that they’re hungry for that, they have it, and they need someone to keep encouraging them to keep doing it.”

Hamilton’s next single, “You” is set to be released November 2023.

For more information about Hamilton’s work, follow her Instagram and TikTok @brendajeanhamiltonmusic.